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Subject: College Boys - Part TwoUsual disclaimers apply. This is a work of fiction.
All rights reserved by the author. If you are
underage, object to gay erotic fiction, or it is illegal
where you are, please leave now!
College Boys - Part TwoThe following evening Dallas announced at the supper table that he
was going to visit Charlie that evening as they wanted to
collaborate on some or other school project. Shortly thereafter
there was a honk from Charlie outside and Dallas said goodnight and
got up to leave. “Have a good evening, dude.” said Brad as his
younger brother dashed outside. If Dallas felt any pangs of guilt,
they were quickly suppressed as he had been full of anticipation
the entire day at the thought that there might be some way of
resolving the bind he was in.Rick was already at Charlie’s house when they arrived and they
greeted Charlie’s parents and went upstairs to Charlie’s bedroom.
Rick immediately asked whether Charlie had had any brainstorm.Charlie said “Guys, this aint gonna be easy but I thought maybe
ole Cindy could help us out.”Rick and Dallas both smiled and Charlie laughed. The reader should
understand that at this time the social mores were such that
teenage promiscuity was regarded in a very serious light. Girls
who partook of sex outside of marriage were shunned by society and
marriage became a difficult proposition if there was even a whiff
of impropriety surrounding a girl’s behavior. Boys also exercised
extreme care in their sexual dealings as any conviction on a
serious Preteen Portal
charge such as rape or even attempted rape would
automatically result in being enslaved. Many a young buck ended up
on the auction block as a result of the age-old “second thoughts”
syndrome of girls who had originally consented to intercourse.Cindy Draper, who was also 18 at the time, came from a respectable
middle-class family and was not a slut by any means. She was
however a very sexual flirtatious person and it was rumored among
the boys in her social circle that she did in fact put out. There
was no direct evidence and, if it were true, the boys who had had
the pleasure of enjoying her charms were not about to announce the
fact to the world. She was crazy about Charlie and he Preteen Portal
would just
smile enigmatically if Rick or Dallas pressed him for details of
their relationship. Charlie had a regular girl-friend, Heather,
but he kept Cindy on the fringes and she was so besotted with him
that she put up with it.Charlie continued “I thought that maybe if we were to throw a
graduation party, Dal could ask Brad, as a favor to me, to
accompany Cindy. Brad knows that I would have to ask Heather and
would not be able to have Cindy as my partner. Dal could tell Brad
that, in order to keep in Cindy’s good books, I had to invite her
to the party. Naturally Cindy would have to be told what we were
up to but I’m pretty sure I could handle that aspect of it and have
the bitch keep her mouth shut. The bottom line is that Cindy would
tell her father that, when Brad dropped her off after the party, he
had forcibly kissed her good-night and touched her inappropriately.
She would ask her father to report the matter to Tom as she felt
that Brad should not be allowed to get away with that shit. I’m
pretty sure Tom would take a pretty dim view of Brad’s behavior and
the chances would be good that the privilege of going to college
would be taken away from him. Enter Dal. Preteen Portal What do you guys
think?”Rick had his doubts about the scheme but Dallas was keen to be
convinced and asked Charlie if he really thought they could pull it
off.”I don’t see why not Dal.” Charlie replied. “Shall we do it?”Rick intimated that he would remain a bystander but naturally would
keep his mouth shut. Dallas hesitated but in the end Preteen Portal the rich
reward that might come his way overcame his reservations and told
Charlie “Let’s go for it!” ————————-
———————Charlie scheduled the party and Dallas duly asked Brad if he would,
as a favor to Charlie, accompany Cindy. Brad was a bit reluctant
as he didn’t really know Cindy that well but he was assured that
there would be no problem. He therefore invited Cindy to partner
him and predictably she agreed. On the night of the party he
picked Cindy up and they spent a very pleasant evening together.
She discovered that he wasn’t the nerd he was Preteen Portal made out to be and
Brad thought she was pleasant company. When the time arrived for
Cindy to leave in order to meet her father’s laid-down curfew, she
was beginning to have doubts about going through with Charlie’s
plan. She cornered Charlie away from the other guests and told him
she no longer wanted to set Brad up as had been arranged.”What!” raged Charlie. “You can’t back out now! You agreed,
bitch, so just do it! Otherwise we are through for good! You got
that?”Cindy had never stood up to Charlie so she merely turned away and
rejoined Brad. They left the party and Brad drove her home and
saw her to her door. ——————————
—————-The following morning, George Draper was sitting at the breakfast
table reading the Sunday paper when his daughter Cindy came down
from her room. He smiled and asked her how she had enjoyed the
party the previous evening.”It was OK thanks Dad.” she replied. Cindy plucked up her courage
and continued. “Actually, Dad, it was great until we got home last
night. When we pulled up, Brad suddenly seemed to change and,
before I knew what was happening, he grabbed me, touched me and
kissed me. Luckily I was able to get out of the car before
anything further happened. I really think you should have a word
with his father. He shouldn’t be able to get away with that sorta
thing.”George turned quite red in the face at Cindy’s revelation and she
suddenly wondered whether she had gone too far.”That little punk! Don’t fret Cindy, I’ll take care of him!”The phone rang and Cindy went through to the hall to answer it.
Charlie was on the other end and wanted to know whether she had
carried out her part of the plan. She told him that she had but
was worried at her father’s reaction.”Good girl, Cindy.” was Charlie’s response. “Don’t worry about
it. Guess I’ll see you on Wednesday as per usual, huh?”"Sure, Charlie, sure.” a worried Cindy replied. Preteen Portal ——————–
———————–Aldo Nucci had been Chief of Police in Sunninghill for close on
five years and was respected throughout the community as an honest
and dedicated cop. He had ties to many in the community and had in
fact been a school bud of George Draper. They Preteen Portal had played baseball
together. Nevertheless it came as something of a surprise to
receive a call from George on a Sunday morning.”Aldo, I’m sorry to trouble you like this on a Sunday but something
has come up and I would appreciate it if I could have a little of
your time to discuss it. May I come around at say 11 o’clock?”"Certainly, George, my wife and the kids will still be at Church at
eleven so we’ll have some peace and quiet.”George arrived promptly at eleven and Aldo showed him through into
the living room.”Well, George, what can I do for you?” Aldo asked.”Aldo, this is rather delicate but I feel strongly that something
needs to be done. My girl Cindy was accompanied by young Brad
Pierce, Tom’s son, to a graduation party at the Smithers’ residence
last night, and she informed me this morning that when they arrived
back at my house last night, to use her words, ‘Brad suddenly
changed’ and he grabbed her, forcibly kissed her, and felt her up
in a lewd manner. She says she was lucky to have been able to exit
the car as she was sure he would have attempted to rape her. She
is really shook up.”Aldo expressed surprise and shock at the story and suggested to
George that he bring Cindy down to the station in an hour where she
could make a statement and lay a charge against Brad. George
thanked Aldo and left. ————————-
——————George returned home and when he informed Cindy that she should
dress as they would be going down to the station where she would be
expected to make a statement and lay a charge against Brad Pierce,
she burst into tears.”Oh, no, Daddy! Please!” she wept. “You shouldn’t have gone to
the cops. Why didn’t you just have a word with Mr. Pierce like I
said?” She was clearly distraught.”Cindy, sometimes these things have to be faced.” he replied.
“Brad behaved completely unacceptably and your reputation could
have been ruined. It’s best that the police figure out what has to
be done. I have complete faith in Aldo Nucci.”At the station Cindy recounted the story she had told her father
and afterwards he instructed her to go back to the car. To Aldo he
said that in his opinion the boy should be charged with attempted
rape. Aldo replied that that would be a stretch but a charge of
aggravated sexual assault might be warranted. In any event he
stated that the extent of the charges would rest with the District
Attorney. George wasn’t very happy with this outcome but agreed to
leave it in the hands of the authorities.When they arrived back at the house, Cindy immediately called
Charlie and told him what had transpired. He advised her that
there was no going back on her story now and that she would have to
see it through. If she recanted, she would be in deep shit. In
fact Charlie was a lot more worried about the deep shit that he,
Rick and Dallas would be in if Cindy broke down and told the truth.
The penalties for conspiring to imprison or enslave someone falsely
were dire. He called Rick and Dallas and told them they should get
together without delay. When they arrived that afternoon, he
recounted to them what had taken place. Dallas went white but
Rick, ever assured, smiled inwardly. It was agreed that there was
nothing to be done and Charlie undertook to handle Cindy.At 7 a.m. the next morning, there was a loud knock on the Pierces’
front door. Tom, always the early bird, answered the knock and
was confronted by two uniformed cops. He was informed that they
had a warrant of arrest for Bradley Pierce on a charge of
aggravated sexual assault and had instructions to take him into
custody.Bradley, who was still sleeping when the cops arrived, was quickly
hustled out of bed, allowed to dress, was cuffed, and taken away in
the back of the patrol car. He was completely stunned by the
suddenness of it all and asked the two cops what the hell was going
on. One of them stole a back glance at him with a smirk but neither
said a word. On arrival at the station he was booked in and led
through to a cell in the back of the building. Sunninghill did not
boast a jail as such and the cells to the rear of the police
station served that purpose. In the cells, there was the usual
assortment of drunks and transients as well as three college-age
student types who had caused a ruckus in a bar the previous
evening. They had been thrown into the tank overnight and were now
looking decidedly sheepish and apprehensive. Bradley’s entrance
raised some interest but nobody said a word. He was pushed into a
cell on his own, uncuffed, and left to stew.Later that morning Bradley was hauled out of the cell, cuffed, and
taken through to an interview room where he found his father and
Jack Sutcliffe, the family lawyer, waiting for him. He experienced
a rush of relief and enquired of his father what the hell Preteen Portal was going
on and why had he been arrested. Tom Pierce and the lawyer
exchanged glances.”Son”, Tom replied, “Cindy Draper has laid a charge of sexual
assault against you. She maintains that you forced yourself on her
after the party last night.”Brad eyes opened wide. “What! It’s an absolute lie. I would
never do a thing like that! After the party, Preteen Portal I drove her home, saw
her to her door, said goodnight and left. I never laid a hand on
her!”Despite Brad’s protestations, Tom and the lawyer appeared a little
unconvinced although they naturally did Preteen Portal
not verbalize their doubts.
Why, after all, would Cindy make such a charge if there were not
some element of truth in it?”Brad”, Preteen Portal said Jack Sutcliffe, “you will be arraigned in the morning.
I will be here to stand by your side and after the arraignment we
can sit down together and you can tell me the full story. I
believe that, in a case like this, where there is no physical
evidence of assault, and it is one person’s word against another,
there is a good chance of an acquittal. We will apply for bail
tomorrow; in the meantime don’t say anything to anyone.”The following morning Brad was formally arraigned and the trial
date was set for the following Monday. The judge ruled that bail
would not be granted, citing the argument that, while he accepted
that there was no flight risk, in cases of this nature, the
authorities had to ensure that state witnesses were not interfered
with.There followed the loneliest week of Brad’s life. He sat in his
cell brooding over the injustice of it all and, although he was a
strong person, at night he wept tears of frustration at what was
taking place. His father visited him daily and his brother Dallas
also came to see him on one occasion. They tried to reassure him
but he had a terrible foreboding of what lay ahead. ————————–
——————On the following Monday at 8 a.m., Brad and three other inmates of
the jail were driven to the Courthouse and placed in a holding cell
which was situated under the courtroom itself. It was eleven
o’clock before Brad’s case was called but when the time did
eventually come, he was quickly hustled up a short flight of stairs
which exited in the courtroom itself. He had never been in a
courtroom in his life and the number of people consisting of court
officials, lawyers, city cops, prison officials and slave police,
not to mention the gawkers in the public gallery, bemused him. It
was nothing like the court rooms he had seen on TV. During the
week his father had brought his best clothes down to the station
for his appearance and he looked neat in a pair of slacks, button-
down shirt and tie, sport coat and smart loafers. His hair, as
always, was neatly cut and styled. Brad’s parents and Dallas were
seated directly behind the defense table to lend support and just
before the judge entered he noticed Rick Parker and Charlie
Smithers slip into the back of the public gallery. Brad’s
embarrassment and humiliation at finding himself in this situation
knew no bounds. The prosecutor read out the charges and when asked
Brad pleaded not guilty. Thereafter Cindy took the stand and
repeated the story she had told her father but for effect, no doubt
at his behest, added her opinion that she was sure that had she not
managed to exit the car, she would have been raped. The defense’s
objection to Preteen Portal
this supposition was sustained but the damage had been
done. Brad in turn gave evidence on his own behalf denying that he
had in any way molested the girl. After the summations, the jury
left to consider the evidence and returned within thirty minutes
with a verdict of guilty.Jack Sutcliffe requested that he be allowed to address the court in
mitigation of sentence and was granted leave to do so. He stated
that Brad came from a good Christian home, had never been in any
sort of trouble before, was an excellent student who had just
graduated from a good local high school, was due to go to college,
and would surely turn out to be a useful and upstanding member Preteen Portal of
the community in the future. He asked that Brad be given a
suspended sentence with community service.The judge, in summing up, stated that he had considered all the
evidence and had come to the conclusion that the jury had made the
correct decision. What swayed him the most was the fact that the
victim was a young lady of high moral standards, who came from a
respected Christian family, well known in the community. He could
see no reason at all why, at considerable embarrassment to herself,
she would Preteen Portal come forward with such a serious accusation if there were
no truth in the matter. He had listened to the defense’s plea in
mitigation of sentence but Preteen Portal the number of cases coming before the
courts relating to drugs and violence and involving minors and
young adults was highly disturbing and it seemed that nothing that
was said or done made any impression on young offenders. Young
people seemed to think that their tender age would always shield
them from the proper application of the law and it was time Preteen Portal in his
opinion that an example be made which would discourage would-be
offenders in the future. The defense’s request for a suspended
sentence would therefore be denied. In considering sentence he had
to be guided by the severity of the offence. Aggravated sexual
assault was a heinous crime, falling just short of rape, which
carried a compulsory sentence of lifetime slavery. The lesser
offence gave him the option of imposing a prison sentence in the
state penitentiary but, when considering the fact that the life of
a young lady may have been completely ruined, he did not feel
constrained to follow that route. In his view this was a case
where a sentence of lifetime slavery would be wholly appropriate
and such a sentence was therefore handed down.To be continued.
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